• The present Terms and Conditions set forth the principles of selling Products using means of distance communication and providing services electronically.  
  • Using means of distance communication, Sink-tap.co.uk renders the following services:  
  • putting Products offered by Sink-tap.co.uk for sale, 
  • providing Customers with information about Products offered by 
  •  Sink-tap.co.uk, 
  • enabling Customers to express opinions about Products, 
  • delivering marketing and commercial information by electronic means. 
  • Orders with the Online Shop can be placed any time of the day; however, orders submitted on public holidays shall be deemed to be received by on the first working day following the day on which they were submitted. The Online Shop may be closed during maintenance and in the event of a breakdown.  
  • To use the Online Shop, the following minimum technical requirements must be met: 
  • Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher version, with ActiveX, JavaScript, Adobe Flash Player and Cookies support enabled, or Mozilla Firefox 11.0 or higher version, with Java, JavaScript, Adobe Flash Player and Cookies support enabled, 
  • minimum display screen resolution of: 1280 x 720 pixels,  
  • Another way to use the Online Shop is to download Sink-tap.co.uk Mobile Application on a mobile device.   
  • You shall have free access to these Terms and Conditions at all times at www.sink-tap.co.uk or through the Mobile Application.  
  • You will be asked to accept these Terms and Conditions by means of the appropriate form on the website or the Mobile Application.  
  • While using the Online Shop, you specifically agree to respect the prohibition to disseminate digital contents by means of electronic means, if such contents disrupt the operation or overload IT systems or infringe third party’s good name, commonly accepted social norms or are inconsistent with its existing laws. 
  • Complaints about services referred to in Clause II.2, including irregularities or interruptions in the operation of the Online Shop’s technical infrastructure should be reported to the Customer Service Department. Complaints should include full name and mailing address of the complainant, and the type and date of the irregularities concerned. Sink-tap.co.uk shall review the complaint within 14 days since the date it is submitted, and if it is not possible, it shall inform the Customer about the reasons for delay and the date for consideration of the complaint. Claims concerning defects of Products or improper execution of other services can be submitted according to the procedure specified in Clause VII of these Terms and Conditions.  
  • With the consent of the Customer, personal data of the Customer are stored in Sink-tap.co.uk database. Sink-tap.co.uk is the data administrator. The disclosed personal data is subject to processing only for the purposes of order execution or to the extent each time accepted by the Customer. Personal data is protected and processed. Each Customer has the right to review their personal data, correct it and demand that their data is deleted and no longer used. Provision of personal data by the user is completely voluntary; however, consent to the processing of data is required for the handling of orders placed with the Online Shop. The Customer bears responsibility for providing false personal data. 


  1. Sale
  • Sink-tap.co.uk sells Products using means of distance communication via the Online Shop. 
  • Placing orders with the Online Shop:   
  • by completing the appropriate form on the Online Shop website,  
  • Information about Products published on the Online Shop web pages, and specifically descriptions, technical and operating parameters, and prices, represent an invitation for purchasing. 
  • When you place an order, you are offering to buy the product(s) from us and we will send you an order acknowledgement. However, your order will only be accepted by us once your product(s) have been delivered to you. Until then we can decline to supply the goods – we will try to ensure that this never happens but we do, however, reserve the right not to fulfil your order for any reason if, for example, we have made an error on the price or similar or we simply can't get hold of the model you need. In the event of these circumstances we will refund you any price you’ve paid to us. We reserve the right not to accept an order for any reason and we won’t be liable to you or anyone else in these circumstances.
  • Prices in the Online Shop are gross prices in GBP including VAT. The prices of Products do not include costs covered by the Customer, including the costs of delivery specified in the shopping cart when the Products are selected and added to the price of Products. The price shown while placing the order is the total price (i.e. the price of the Product, delivery, and other costs) the Customer is bound to pay for the order.  
  • Subject to the condition referred to in Clause III.11, placing orders for Products with the Online Shop consists of the following four stages: (1) selection of Products, (2) order placement, (3) confirmation of order acceptance, (4) payment. 
  • Products are selected and orders are placed with the Online Shop by completing the appropriate form.  
  • An e-mail message notifying you that your order has been accepted shall be sent within 48 hours from the time when the order is placed with the Online Shop. Order confirmation message shall include information about the Products ordered, and specifically description of the Product, order number, total price, method and date of payment, and the delivery method and date. Terms and Conditions valid from the date of order placement are enclosed to the order confirmation. This information and the Terms and Conditions shall be an integral part of the Agreement and shall be amended only upon explicit consent of Sink-Tap.co.uk and the Customer. The deadline to confirm acceptance of the order may be extended if it expires on a public holiday (Sundays and holidays). In this event, the order shall be accepted on the next working day.  
  • All payments in the Online Shop shall be carried out through PayPal Settlement Systems only. 
  • To pay for the order via PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal website; you will receive confirmatory notification via e-mail once your account is debited. 
  • On receipt of payment, your order will be sent within 1-2 working days.  
  • You can contact the Online Shop service by filling in the contact form at: https://sink-tap.co.uk/index.php?controller=contact, or by sending an e-mail to: contact@sink-tap.co.uk. 
  • Sink-Tap.co.uk may refuse or cancel the order, or refuse to allocate (reserve) Products for the order if, at any point in the process of order execution, the Online Shop personnel is unable to get in touch with the Customer within 3 working days from the first attempt to establish contact with the Customer. For “custom-made” Products, you will be notified on the possibility and date of order completion before the Agreement is concluded. 
  • The seller reserves the right to cancel the orders in the case of any incorrectly errors on the website or due to the lack of items in stock.
  • If no payment is made for the order within 4 calendar days, the order shall be cancelled; Sink-tap.co.uk shall consider the order invalid and shall refuse to execute it. 
  • All settlements between the Parties shall be executed through the payment of the nominal amount expressed in British pounds (GBP).  


III. Delivery and the order processing time 

  • Products shall be delivered in the United Kingdom only. 
  • The standard order processing time shall be 21 working days, unless a different deadline for order completion is specified in Product description or when placing the order. Temporary or permanent unavailability of a Product shall be immediately notified to the Customer. If Products with different delivery times are added to the same order, the Products will be sent within the longest time limit laid down in the order. 
  • For orders processed via PayPal service, the lead time shall be counted from the date of receipt of the payment. 
  • The Products ordered shall be delivered by courier service or RoyalMail. 
  • Products delivered by courier service are delivered from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM. To settle delivery details, you will be contacted by courier (SMS); no contact can be guaranteed if the order is delivered by RoyalMail. Delivery at the exact time set out in the order cannot be guaranteed.  
  • All non-palletized parcels that weight less than 31.5 kg or are  smaller than 200 cm in size (L/W/H) shall be delivered to the premises at the delivery address specified in the order. All other parcels shall be delivered to the outside of the building at the delivery address specified in the order; deliveries by courier service shall be unloaded from the vehicle. 
  • The delivery costs depend on the value of the order and the weight and size of the parcel. The costs are listed in the shopping cart. 
  • Prior to collecting the parcel, check the packaging to see whether or not it has been damaged during transport. In particular, pay attention to the condition of tapes or seals affixed to the parcel. Should the parcel bear any traces of damage, refuse to collect the parcel and in the presence of the courier draw up a damage protocol and contact the seller in order to explain the issue. 
  • Sink-Tap.co.uk shall not be liable for non-delivery or delayed delivery or processing of the order attributed to incorrect or inaccurate delivery address provided by the Customer. 


  1. Right of withdrawal according to the Consumer Rights Act.


  • Right of withdrawal  
  • You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.
    The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days:
    Where a single good is ordered by the Consumer in one order – from the day on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Consumer, acquires physical possession of the goods.
    Where multiple goods are ordered by the Consumer in one order but are delivered separately – the withdrawal period should expire after 14 days from the day on which the Consumer acquires physical possession of the last good.
    Where goods are delivered in multiple lots or pieces, the withdrawal period should expire after 14 days from the day on which the Consumer acquires the physical possession of the last lot or piece.
    In order to return your goods, you should contact the customer service on the email address customer@sink-tap.co.uk with a correct order number and reson for this return.

    To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

    Effects of withdrawal
    If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you. If you paid extra for postage please note this would not be refunded .
    If you are returning goods because the product is damaged during transport;
    the product has not been delivered by courser service;
    the delivery is lost during transport;
    without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.
    Sink-Tap.co.uk may hold the reimbursement until it has received the goods back, or until the Consumer has supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.


    The 14 days deadline is met if the consumer sends back the goods before that period of fourteen days has expired.
    The returned goods must be full-valued, unused and undamaged, sent in the original packaging, and re-saleable. Otherwise seller has right to unaccept return or provide only a partial refund for the buyer.
    Payment for the goods will be refunded within 14 days from the date when the goods are returned.
  1. Warranty and Guarantee
  • Sink-Tap.co.uk shall deliver defect-free goods and duly execute the services. 
  • Sink-tap.co.uk assumes liability towards the Customer for any physical or legal defects of the goods sold, and for non-performance or improper performance of the services.  
  • Complaints about defects of goods or non-performance or improper performance of the services must be submitted to the Customer Service Department by completing the contact form at: https://sink-tap.co.uk/index.php?controller=contact. Sink-tap.co.uk shall review the complaint within 14 days since the date it is submitted. 
  • The guarantee terms and conditions are laid down by guarantors in guarantee statements governing the obligations of the guarantor and rights of the Customer, unless the goods have the qualities listed in the guarantee statement. The guarantee rights shall be exercised according to the terms and conditions specified in the guarantee card.  
  1. Other provisions
  •  Sink-Tap.co.uk reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions in the event of changes in the provisions of law or to facilitate the operation of the Online Shop, and in order to improve the protection of the rights of users and to prevent fraud. All amendments shall be effective and valid for account holders within 20 days from the date of their notification. You may either accept or refuse to accept the new Terms and Conditions using the mechanism provided by Sink-Tap.co.uk or send your statement to Sink-Tap.co.uk. At the time Sink-Tap.co.uk receives your statement about refusal to accept the amended Terms and Conditions, your account will be closed and you will be notified thereof forthwith. 
  • Orders placed beforehand will be completed according to the Terms and Conditions valid as of the date when the order was placed.