If your purchase is within 7 days of delivery and you are unsatisfied with our customer support's solution to solve the issue, then we can offer you a full refund on the item including your initial postal costs. Just reply to our customer support's initial solution message with an explanation and we will then message you a returns form and returns reference number. Please complete the returns form and send your item back for a refund (we do not cover return postal cost in any way). Please ensure the item is returned in it's original packaging and condition. We will then check your item on arrival and refund you within approximately 14 working days of receipt. If your purchase is outside the 7 days of delivery, we do not refund in any circumstances.

Provide replacement part

If your item is within 6 months of purchase, we can send you a replacement part and instructions on how to replace the part. This is the most efficient way to solve the majority of issues. After confirmation with your help to identify the problem, your replacement part will be dispatched within 2-3 working days, although most are dispatched same day.

Should we request any parts or the original back from you, then we will cover any postal cost.

Repair the product

If your item is within 6 months of purchase and requires a repair, we can repair the item should a fault occur that we are responsible for. Just contact us via E-mil messaging service for a returns form and returns reference number, then complete the returns sheet and advise us of a suitable day for collection (Monday to Friday only). Upon receipt we will process your item to be repaired. Once repaired, we will re-post your item back to you. This whole process can take up to 21 working days depending on the nature of the return. The majority of repairs are very straightforward and can be solved without returning the goods to us. Returning the goods to us is a lengthily process and not advisable in most circumstances; however the option exists should it be relevant to take this route.

Once a collection date has been agreed, our courier will collect the item between 8am - 6pm, unfortunately we are unable to advise you of a collection time. Please note that a failed collection will be charged at £10.00.



You also have the option to exchange your item for a different item once you have received the goods. To take advantage of this option you will be liable for both return and redelivery costs of your newly chosen item (only available within our 30 day exchange policy period).

Just contact us via e-mail messaging service within 30 days of delivery including the item number and details of your preferred item. We will then message you a returns form and a returns reference number. At this time we will advise you of availability, cost of redelivery, price difference and ways you can pay for your newly chosen item. All you need to do then is to complete the returns sheet and send your item back for an exchange (we do not cover return postal cost in any way). We will then resend your preferred item to you within approximately 7 days of receipt.

If your purchase is over 30 days of delivery and less than 90 days of delivery, we can still offer to exchange as above but we will charge a £10.00 handling and administration charge. We do not exchange any items after 90 days of delivery. All goods must be returned to us in their original packaging and condition.